6th of December / 22nd of December 2014
The collection 'Blue curtains, black coffee' showcases a selection of unique accessories and furniture pieces on the path of 50’s buisness class. From a ‘two-in-one bed’ to artisan ashtrays, from pyjamas to tie holders, we present to you a range of items to revigorate and energize your quiet bedroom.

with Deborah Bowmann, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Heather and Rosetta, Émilie Ferrat, Jurjen Van Houte and Clémence Seilles
Blue curtains,
Black coffee
Suspended Goods Delicate Holes
17th of January / 17th of February 2015
The collection 'Suspended Goods Delicate Holes' showcases a selection of t-shirts, vases and human beings.

with Deborah Bowmann, Habitdenous©, Jeanne Magnenat, Laure Jaffuel, Émilie Ferrat and Leïla Arenou.
21st of February / 23rd of March 2015
The collection 'Noblesse Oblige' showcases birds cages, pipes, liquors, and sculptures.

A Deborah Bowmann collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, Travis Broussard and Émilie Ferrat.
L'homme nu
'L'homme nu' brings together sculpture, objects, photography, and wall pieces which communicate ideas of physical support and aesthetic presentation.

A Deborah Bowmann collaboration with Laurent Le Deunff, Still Making Art (Aaron Mc Laughlin and Simon Boase), Laure Jaffuel, Fabien Vallos, Victor Delestre, Émilie Ferrat and Amaury Daurel.
1st of April / 1st of May 2015
Photo Credits : Lennart de Neef ©
Photo Credits : Chris Rijksen ©
Photo Credits : Chris Rijksen ©
Photo Credits : Deborah Bowmann ©
Wet Desks Flooded Numbers
9th of May / 11th of May 2015
'Wet Desks Flooded Numbers' is an exhibition / showcase for two fishes. It is the place the bureaucratic and marine spaces – office furniture and fishes – can finally come together, as a market-orientated accomplishment of the watery purge.

with Deborah Bowmann and Émilie Ferrat.
Photo Credits : Deborah Bowmann ©
'Grand-Salon n°1' is a bi-annual retrospective featuring works from the last collections together with recent and exclusive new works.

with Deborah Bowmann, Clémence Seilles, Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Jeanne Magnenat, Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, Laure Jaffuel, Victor Delestre, Amaury Daurel, Émilie Ferrat, habitdenous© and Heather & Rositta.

Photo Credits : Deborah Bowmann ©
18th of June / 21st of June 2015
Photo Credits : Deborah Bowmann ©
On the occasion of Kunstenaarsbal at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam , Deborah Bowmann, its representatives and Deborah Bowmann herself are thrilled to present 'Grand Bakery', a collection of home-made bread installed on a stand by Deborah Bowmann.
23rd of May 2015
18th of October / 30th of November 2015
'Everything you need to bring bathrooms to a shine' focuses on the ascendancy of and our fascination with industrial production and how it affects our consciousness and our relation to the world in the domestic sphere, in both practical and symbolic ways.

with Thea Djordjadze, Estrid Lutz & Emile Mold, Vincent Knopper, Amaury Daurel, Émilie Ferrat and Victor Delestre.

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
Showcased at Silicone Galery, Bordeaux, the exhibition develops around a series of painting entitled 'Background (Monday to Sunday)' realized with Deborah Bowmann's own suits fabrics along over-sized business cards crafted in plaster.

with Deborah Bowmann
17th of December / 17th of January 2016
TANGO CHALLENGE is a moment of collective transitions. It gathers elements that will, in a near future, be moved from the exhibition space to a mercantile one. Deborah Bowmann’s stands are the response to a commission from the brand Andrea Crews. While the exhibition will continue, the stands will leave the gallery to reach the Parisian store, leaving behind them a suggested and virtual presence.

with Laurent-David Garnier, Michele Rizzo, Émilie Ferrat and Deborah Bowmann

Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
14th of January / 10th of March 2016
4th of March 2016 - ∞
Proposal for Andrea Crews is a set of shop furniture and displays with brushed-metal look designed and executed by Deborah Bowmann© for the shop Andrea Crews, located on 83 rue de Turenne, Paris.

with Deborah Bowmann
Photo credits : Chantapitch©
Utilizing an imagery specific to serial production in the framework of commercial display, with the simultaneous objective of undermining that same imagery, the exhibition operates as both a game and a gambit, creating a space of inherent contradiction, where from the start, deception seems as though it should be impossible and yet somehow still manages to come in to play.

with Rémi Lambert, Ludovic Beillard and Deborah Bowmann

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard©
18th of March - 15th of May 2016
On the occasion of Poppositions 2016 : The Wrong Side, Deborah Bowmann is pleased to present easy come, easy go: an installation articulating around a new series of strawberry and blood orange liquors realized by Jean-Baptiste Carobolante – entitled 'Der Kauffman', these bottles are labelled with a 17th century engraving by German engraver Matthaeus Merian representing Death taking a merchant's life.

with Jean-Baptiste Carobolante and Deborah Bowmann

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
Easy come, easy go
20th of April - 24th of April 2016
with After Howl, Stéphane Barbiet-Bouvet, Martin Belou,
Cyril Debon, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Romain Juan, Hector Latrille and Margaux Schwarz.

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
27th of May - 9th of July 2016
9th of October - 5th of November 2016
On the occasion of Brussels Gallery Weekend, Deborah Bowmann Brussels, its representatives and Deborah Bowmann herself are pleased to present ‘De gustibus et coloribus, non disputandum’, the first solo show of Horrible Bise in Belgium.

with Horrible Bise

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
11th of November 2016 - 7th of January 2017
with Alix Brandenbourger, Tatiana Defraine, Théo Demans, Will Pollard and Tom & Arthur.

with Deborah Bowmann.

Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
21st of January - 18th of March 2017
The Office of Gravitational Documents #Neptune
24th of March - 24th of April 2017
with Dieudonné Cartier & Jean-Baptiste Carobolante
6th of May - 8th of July 2017
a Deborah Bowmann collaboration with Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
a collective exhibition with Barbara Braccini, Kim David Bots
and Elise van Mourik at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
10th of September - 4th of November 2017
Skydeck Scare
18th of November 2017 - 13th of January 2018

a solo show by Ludovic Beillard
at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©

Photo credits : Irwin Marchal & Deborah Bowmann©
27th of January - 17th of March 2018
a solo show by Deborah Bowmann
at Nadie Nada Nunca No, Madrid
curated by Mario Canal
20th - 24th of December 2017
24th of March - 19th of May 2018
a collective exhibition with Alexandre Lavet and Nicolas Moreau
at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
a solo show by Deborah Bowmann as FRED Chaussures
at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
4th of September - 10th of November 2017
On the occasion of the 19th Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize, the exhibition 'Les Bons Sentiments' brings together the six nominated artists: Deborah Bowmann, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Lola Gonzàlez, Thomas Jeppe, Caroline Mesquita and Zin Taylor.

Curated By Anne-Claire Schmitz at Fondation Ricard, Paris, France
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann© and Aurélien Molle
Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
Photo credits : Pedro Vikingo & Deborah Bowmann©
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
26th of May - 14th of July 2018
a love show by Tatiana Defraine and Romain Juan
at Deborah Bowmann Brussels
Photo credits : Ludovic Beillard & Deborah Bowmann©
Feat ''How Do You Think It Feels'' by Felix Kindermann
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
13th of April - 2nd of June 2018
a solo show by Deborah Bowmann at Centre d'art Les Capucins
curated by Solenn Morel
a solo show by Tom Volkaert
curated by Eloi Boucher at Deborah Bowmann Brussels

7th of September - 11th of November 2018
1st of December 2018 - 19th of January 2019
a solo show by Mick Peter
Deborah Bowmann Brussels

Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©
Photo credits : Deborah Bowmann©

4th of December - 15th of December 2018 at La Loge, Brussels

curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz

with contributions by Deborah Bowmann, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Uta Eisenreich, Catherine Geel, Thomas Jeppe, Leonard Koren, Jeppe Ugelvig, Boy Vereecken.
Photo credits : Lola Pertsowsky©
Deborah Bowmann

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