Deborah Bowmann is an enterprise which activities comprises curating exhibitions and producing furniture and set design for shops.

Deborah Bowmann aims to develop alternative manners of thinking commodity and commerce in the fields of sculpture, design and exhibition making.

Deborah Bowmann is both an artistic identity and an exhibition space, directed by artists Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre.

Deborah Bowmann develops through collaboration with young artists and various actors. Recent and past collaborators includes :

AfterHowl, Leila Arenou & Laure Jaffuel, Stéphane Barbier-Bouvet, Ludovic Beillard, Martin Belou, Lény Bernay, Horrible Bise, Barbara Braccini, Kim David Bots, Travis Broussard, Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, Dieudonné Cartier, Andrea Crews, Cyril Debon, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Tatiana Defraine, Théo Demans, Thea Djordjadze, Émilie Ferrat, Jean-Philippe Gaber, Laurent-David Garnier, Romain Juan, Vincent Knopper, Rémi Lambert, Hector Latrille, Laurent Ledeunff, Estrid Lutz & Émile Mold, Jeanne Magnenat, Elise van Mourik, Michele Rizzo, Clémence Seilles, Jerszy Seymour, Heather and Rositta, Jurjen Van Houte, Habitdenous©, Aaron McLaughlin, Will Pollard, The Public School of Architecture, Thomas Schneider, Margaux Schwarz, Arthur Tramier and Fabien Vallos.

Deborah Bowmann also develops through invitations and has been invited by Silicone, Andrea Crews, Triangle France, Galerie Treize, SSBA-SALON, POPPOSITIONS 2016.

24 avenue Jean Volders
1060 Brussels

open Thursday to Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm

or by appointment at:
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Deborah Bowmann