Easy come, easy go
21/04 - 24/04/2016
Deborah Bowmann Brussels, its representatives and Deborah Bowmann herself are pleased to present Easy come, easy go, a collaboration with theoretician Jean-Baptiste Carobolante.

On the occasion of Poppositions 2016 : The Wrong Side, Deborah Bowmann chose to present a new series of strawberry and blood orange liquors realized by Jean-Baptiste Carobolante. The bottles, entitled 'Der Kauffman', are labelled with a 17th century engraving by German engraver Matthaeus Merian representing Death taking a merchant's life. To accompany these liquors Deborah Bowmann have specially produced two new 'background paintings' - using the fabric of their light-grey and pink business suits - and a floor showcase realized from laminated metal, a rotating platform, fake drops of water and a red backlight - constituting (along with six bottles of 'Der Kauffman') the work Easy come, easy go.
The installation is accompanied by an edition relating a conversation between the editors, Pol Le Vaillant & Anne-Marie Trépanier, Jean-Baptiste Carobolante and Deborah Bowmann (click to access the pdf [French only])

Deborah Bowmann