''Yes, when all the world from Paris to China
Pays heed to your doctrine, O divine Saint-Simon,
The glorious Golden Age will be reborn.
Rivers will flow with chocolate and tea,
Sheep roasted whole will frisk on the plain,
And sautéed pike will swim in the Seine.
Fricasseed spinach will grow on the ground,
Garnished with crushed fried croutons;
The trees will bring forth apple compotes,
And farmers will harvest boots and coats.
It will snow wine, it will rain chickens,
And ducks cooked with turnips will fall from the sky.''
An exhibition by Deborah Bowmann Studio
21/01 – 18/03/2017
Langlé and Vanderburch, Louis-Bronze et le Saint Simonien
(Théâtre du Palais-Royal, February 27, 1832)
Deborah Bowmann