Skydeck Scare
a solo show by Ludovic Beillard

18/11/2017 - 13/01/2018
Late evening on May 28, 2014, the Skydeck at Willis Tower, which allows tourists to stand on a glass ledge more than 1,300 feet above Chicago, cracked under the weight of visitors. According to NBC, a Californian family stepped out onto the Skydeck that night only to hear a cracking sound and see the glass fragmenting under their feet. «I looked down and I could see it cracking and lines going through the glass so we immediately just jumped off as fast as we could,» Garibay told CNN affiliate WGN.

DEBORAH BOWMANN BRUXELLES, Deborah Bowmann and her representatives are happy to present Skydeck Scare, a show by Ludovic Beillard. Skydeck Scare displays Ludovic Beillard’s studio.
Presenting an ongoing production, the exhibition comes out of a curatorial system that is specific to the artist’s studio which emerges mainly from experimentation. Presenting series of freshly completed works achieved in the exhibition space itself, these elements are to be considered as laid in the artist’s field of vision rather than in our own, revealing and reflecting an intimacy, a system of interrogations and of ongoing research. [...]
Deborah Bowmann